Looni blog post on their strawberry moon forage walk with photo of a picnic and flowers

How we celebrated the Strawberry Moon 🍓🌝

On a Saturday afternoon during June's Strawberry Full Moon 🍓🌕, Looni and friends gathered in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles to set off on a foraging walk, enveloped in sunshine (a rarity in LA this year!), guided by Looni's medical advisor, Dr. Stephanie Colantonio.

Dr. Colantonio is a trained herbalist and a board-certified physician—her work focuses on integrative reproductive health, including menstrual health, hormone balance, and mental health, making her the perfect leader to educate us on the nutritious edible wild plants and flowers in our midst.

We found an abundance of magical plant personalities, including:
🌸 Nasturtium—a delicious peppery addition to salads and rich in vitamin C
🌱 Mugwort—great for stimulating a menstrual bleed, with digestive benefits that you can feel as soon as it hits your mouth with its bitter punch
🍒 Elderberry—renowned for its immunity superpowers

As we made our way through the forest, a picnic appeared in a secluded spot by a creek. A nourishing spread adorned the woodland floor with fresh berries, nuts, dark chocolate, refreshing cans of Ghia, and the divine Sunny Fine Foods Tahini dip.

We sat, and Dr. Colantonio grounded us all in a meditation. Our conversation flowed as we exchanged experiences and ideas, diving into how we can better live in sync with our menstrual cycles and what types of food and movement can support each distinct phase.

Thank you to all who came and made it such an enriching afternoon. To others, we hope you can join us next time 🌿