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What does it mean to menstruate with the new moon?


For centuries, cultures around the world have believed in a connection between the lunar cycle and menstruation. A "typical" menstrual cycle is 28 days long, around the same length as the lunar cycle. The moon controls the globe's tides, and some animals synchronize their reproduction around it, so it isn't so far-fetched to imagine that the moon might influence the internal ebb and flow of our periods. Whilst this lunar connection not scientifically backed, at Looni, we always like to consider the more spiritualistic side of the menstrual cycle.

If you find yourself on your period during a new moon, you're said to be in a White Moon Cycle. The earth is considered to be most fertile during a full moon–which in this cycle might align with ovulation–so being in a White (or new) Moon Cycle signifies you're connected to the energies of Mother Earth and are in a fertile and nurturing time of your life.

This maternal instinct could transpire literally as a time to create life or take care of others around you, but it could also indicate that you're in a stage of creation where you should turn your focus inward to self-renewal and nourishment of ideas, dreams, projects, and emotions. You might notice a surge in your intuition during your period and an urge for introversion.

Some new moon practices to explore, whether it coincides with your bleed or not:


🧖‍♀️⁠ whatever this looks like for you. Taking long baths, getting a massage, reading, immersing in nature, etc.


🪞⁠ look back at the last month and let go of what you don't wish to carry over into the next one.


🪺 visualize what you want to enhance or bring into your life over the next month. Write down your ideas and desires, make a mood board, or practice positive affirmations. Manifestation is a powerful tool!